Saturday, June 13, 2009

Covidien is on the Move

After being removed from the S&P 500 and relocating its headquarters to Ireland, Covidien (COV) has not missed a step on its way up to nearly four month highs.

Covidien PLC (COV) develops, manufactures, and sells health care products for use in clinical and home settings worldwide. COV has four divisions: Medical Devices, Imaging Solutions, Pharmaceutical Products, and Medical Supplies.

Positives are:
  • Good chart pattern.
  • Strong support above the 50 dma.
  • Average daily volume of over 6.8 million shares.
  • Number of funds owning the stock has increased for the past four quarters.
  • Forward P/E ratio is at 11.9

Closing on Friday at 36.05, I expect Covidien to maintain the trend and cross the 200 dma (now at 38.94) in the near future, thus boosting the stock price for the next push.


Missed the Move on TMO

On 5/15/09 I followed a false signal on TMO and sold it at a slight loss, since then the stock has moved up and gained 6.75... bad call,bummer!