Thursday, September 16, 2010

Being Patient With Covidien

We noticed Covidien (COV) at 36.05 on June 13, 2009. Since then, it had a good run and hovered at the 52.00 level between January 20 and April 20 of this year. Not bad, if you chose to sell; but we are not going to talk about "what could have been". If you are still holding on to the stock, all you have to show is about 1.9% in dividends plus a 5.1% gain in stock value, that is still alright in this day and age.

Yesterday COV's stock price touched the 50 day moving average at 38.27 and closing just below it at 37.90, I expect the move in the next two days to be up and break above that line, if so, we can see a sharp increase in price in the following week or two. Good time to buy again or increase our long position in Covidien.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Stocks to Watch - September 13, 2010

Watch list for September 13, 2010


Rather than issuing a new list at the begining of each month, I think it is better to let market conditions dictate the timing in which we pick the stocks which show a hint of a positive outlook.

Still like NVS, a foreign drug company; BCE, a Canadian telecom and FMCN, a Chinese advertising firm.

We'll be checking the performance of these picks in a few weeks.

Bouncing Back

It is still early but we may have been right on our call of August 12, 2010. The S&P500 index held its ground at around the 1050 level (closed at 1047.22 on 8/26/10) and since then, in nearly four weeks, it has gained about 6% from those lows.

Technically, I could see a continuation of the uptrend for at least the next quarter. This may be a good time to pick up some bargains.