Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Future of Shopping (by CSCO)

CSCO seems to have a clue. Thank you SIB for sending me this info.

Click on the link below to view:

The Future of Shopping.

Monday, August 08, 2011

The Bottom is Falling, the Bottom is Falling!

It appears that this is the one-two punch that we hoped would not occur.

With no significant support level in sight, I am not sure how long this free fall will continue. One thing is certain, the markets are oversold and there may not be too many sellers left holding securities. Simply put, an oversold market could be recognized when 80% or more of the stocks have dramatically fallen below their 200 day moving average.

Thursday's rout left us numb, Friday's see-saw behavior eliminated those who placed "stop loss" orders and today's trounce could have weeded-out many of the willing and unwilling sellers remaining. Meanwhile, a serious blow has been inflicted to our markets.

Questions remain:
Are we near the next bottom?
Have we seen the worst of it?

After the dust settles, the few left standing will get to fight another day.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Put Up Your DUK 's

While we are getting hammered in the markets, there is no evidence of a let up. Times like these are when traders start to look for signs of stock market capitulation as a signal marking the unpredictable bottom. Capitulation is associated with routs as investors “give up” on stocks entirely and move into less risky investments. What we would see is panic selling on big volumes while the crowd runs for the exits. Although it is usually brief and somewhat terrifying, true capitulation often means that the sell off has finally run its course, and prices begin to feel for the bottom.

To stick our necks out and go long in this environment requires great intestinal fortitude. With that mindset, I feel that a safer route at this time is to load up on Duke Energy Corp. (DUK).

Over the past twenty months, we contemplated DUK as a good alternative to the miserable returns that banks were offering through their CD's and savings accounts. DUK was mentioned in this blog's watch list on 12/1/09 when it was trading at 16.68; then on 6/30/10 we got serious and saw a buying opportunity at 16.10.

The yield that we receive from DUK at the present time is 5.40%, ex-dividend coming up in less than one week (8/10/11), the stock is trading at 18.25 and holding steady (down .20) in an uncertain climate.

An Article With Some Merit

Just released, an article by Cody Willard:


This young stock analyst has gotten it right several times in the past. I tend to agree with his opinion on the timing of the market. Only time will tell.