Wednesday, October 10, 2007

EDS Crosses the Line

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) just crossed above its 50 day moving average, normally that's a bullish sign.

Electronic Data Systems Corporation delivers a portfolio of information technology and business process outsourcing services worldwide. The company offers infrastructure services, such as hosting, workplace (desktop), storage, security and privacy, and communications services.

Today, with the DJIA down 65.30, EDS is up .15 at 22.75, showing strength on a weak market day. Note that between 7/23/07 and 8/9/07 the value of the stock lost about 20% on heavy volume, a CEO change could make a difference in the price behavior. Enough for a reversal?

With an average daily volume of over 3 million shares, a P/E of about 18, today's price at a 24% discount from the 52 week high, and improved earnings over the past 4 years make EDS my choice for "Flavor of the Day"

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