Monday, November 05, 2007

A Bit Early on HIMX

Timing is everything; as of late, interesting stocks have lagged and taken some tumbles along with most securities in the U.S. markets. Patience is a virtue that, often gets lost in troubled times.
I'm not giving up on HIMX; picked as a possibility on June 7 of this year at 5.18, retreated since then to the high 3's.
The company is planning to repurchase $40M of its shares, increased earnings estimates for '07 and '08. Trading this morning at 4.39 well above its 50 day moving average which was crossed on Friday with 6 times the average daily volume.
Given the strength and support shown today by Himax Technologies, Inc. on a day of broad weakness in the markets, I would consider increasing my long position.

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