Monday, August 17, 2009

Expect a Drop Today - Last Week's Recap

Due to the significant drops in the Asian markets overnight, I am delaying the weekly watch list for at least one day. As a result, expect major losses today in the U.S. from the fallout.

Recap for the week of 8/10/09:
on 8/10------------on 8/14

AKAM 19.46---------18.01 (down 7.45%)
ATW 28.96----------28.08 (down 3.04%)
COV 38.16----------39.09 (up 2.44%)
KBR 22.42----------22.86 (up 1.96)

Hang on for dear life.


  1. Hey I came across your blog - just wondering what your opinion was about ATW - you think it will pop out back above 30 in the coming months?

    I've been watching this stock for awhile and its been one of my only good picks. I'm an amateur investor was wondering what the sages thought

  2. I think that ATW is still a Buy/Hold. The stock price may reach or surpass 30 in the next 2 to 3 months, provided it does not break below the 50 day moving average (now at 26.51), the price of oil does not take a tumble and the markets don't continue the sell-off we saw yesterday (8/17/09). The next technical support would be the rising bottoms line (now at 24.75).

    I feel confident that the support levels will hold and ATW will shortly continue on its longer term uptrend.

    Thanks for the compliment (calling me a "sage") however, I am, just like you an independent investor trying to stay ahead of the game.

    Good luck and thanks for your interest.