Monday, March 07, 2011

Results for "Stocks to Watch - Oct 17, '10"

It has been a while, four and one half months to be exact, since I wrote about a stock watch list.
Unpredictable turn of events led to choppy markets and a more difficult environment for a stock picker.

For the period of 10/17/10 thru 3/4/11, this was our watch list and outcome:

Stock Symbol-------10/17/10------------------3/4/11

AVT------------------27.63-------------------34.18 (up 23.71%)
STO------------------22.08-------------------27.67 (up 25.32%)
WATG----------------10.07--------------------6.85 (down 31.98%)

The outcome was not so good, WATG has been on a slide and was the only pick that kept the average returns down, bad choice.
Our average gain for this period was 5.68% while the S&P 500 rose about 12.32% in the same stretch of time.

We'll sharpen up our pencils and try to do better.

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