Friday, April 29, 2011

It is Not Lights Out for PWER

PWER has been trading below its 50 and 200 day moving averages since 2/4/11, thus missing the ride up that the market has enjoyed. During this period, the technology sector has been lagging and oil prices have skyrocketed.
Again, eyes are turning to alternative energy. A cycle we have witnessed in the past.

Power-One, Inc. (PWER) designs, manufactures, and markets power conversion and power management solutions for the renewable energy, communications infrastructure, and other high technology markets.

PWER's chart pattern begins to look attractive and if, in the next week or so, it breaks and closes above the 50 dma at 8.27 (8.21 at the close of 4/28/11), it could take us to the 10.50 level within 3 months.

Now, this prospect is somewhat risky since there are sizeable short positions in the stock. As a contrarian investor, I am expecting a two stage surge in the stock price and a "short squeeze".

With a volume of 4.7 million shares in daily trading , a chart pattern at a crossroads and the connection to the alternative energy sector, I would consider PWER a candidate to place some bets with risk capital.

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