Friday, July 29, 2011

Political Tug of War

While our elected officials in Washington wage a "Political Tug of War" we see our savings and investments deteriorate. The markets react to the fateful statements and predictions we hear from the politicians and in the news.

This is a time when a vast majority of investors and not so wise advisers seek safety outside of the stock market. I say go against the grain.

If we can weather these dismal times and events, we could see an improvement in the markets. Sure, this turn around will take several months and perhaps one to two years to develop but I believe that it is too late to try to save what is left of our investments. Stay put, no time to panic.

My guess is that, at the eleventh hour, there will be a compromise in Capital Hill on the debt. Let's just hope that no long lasting and permanent damage was inflicted to our economy.

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