Monday, November 22, 2010

TMO is on a Steady Pace

On a day when many securities retreated, TMO went against the grain and kept above it's rising bottom's line.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc Co (TMO) provides analytical instruments, equipment, reagents and consumables, software, and services for research, manufacture, analysis, discovery, and diagnostics. In layman's terms, a company in the healthcare industry which provides medical instruments and supplies.

Barring any unforeseen major turn in the market, TMO (now trading at 51.53) is poised to reach the 55 level and beyond within the next six weeks.

Positive aspects of TMO:

1. Chart pattern shows a tendency for the stock price to stay above the rising bottom's line.
2. Consistent uptrend and rebound from the lows of August 31 '10.
3. Good average daily volume of about 2.9 million shares.
4. Earnings per share have increased during the past several years.
5. Forward P/E ratio is at about 12.88.

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